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projects and operations

What are Projects and Operations?

Both projects and operations are important in our life. They have different types of management strategies. Having knowledge and understanding of the project and operations will make your life easier. This article will tell you about the projects, differences and how to identify a project

What is a Project?

Projects are temporary in nature; possess certain beginning and end dates; produce an exceptional product or service. Projects are completed when their targets are met or terminated by the client.

One other characteristic of projects would be they initiate change within a company by moving the business from one stage to another. 

For instance, when a business undergoes a program implementation, changes will occur over the company to accommodate the new business applications. 

The project result in business value creation. Business value can be revenue, goods, market share, recognition or public benefit.

When considering whether you own a project on your own hands, you have to keep a few problems at heart. To begin with, is it a project or an ongoing operation? and  Who are the stakeholders?  

What is differences between Projects and Operations?


There are some differences between projects and operations. Correct identification of projects and operations may make project management easier.

As discussed in earlier, projects are temporary in character and have start dates and end dates. The project is finished when its objectives are executed to the satisfaction of their stakeholders. 

Sometimes projects end when it’s determined the goals cannot be achieved or when the result of the job is no longer needed. 

The project results may include unique products, parts of other products, services like consulting or project management, and business functions. 

But don’t be confused with the word unique. Ford Motor Company design and assemble cars. Each model that Ford designs and assembled can be considered as a project. The models differ from each other in their characteristics and therefore, they are marketed to people with a variety of needs. 

SUV serves different functions than a luxury sedan or a hybrid. The initial design and marketing of SUV, sedan and hybrid are unique projects. 

The assembly of the cars is considered a procedure. A repetitive process is followed to make models.

The features of the product, service, or outcome of the project are decided incrementally and exercised in detail as the project progresses. More information and better budgets become available when you progress further. As you first start the job, you do not know all the details of the end product. 


Operations are continuing and persistent. They demand work that is continuous with no end date, and repeat the exact processes and produce the same outcomes. 

Operations can also identified as transforming resources. Car are manufactured using steel, fiberglass and other materials.

The purpose of operations is to keep the business functioning, whereas the purpose of a project will be to fulfill its goals. 

At the completion of a project, or at different points during the project, the deliverables may get turned around to the Company’s operational areas. 

By way of instance, let us say your company implements a new human resources software package that monitors employees’ time, cost reports, advantages, etc.

The process of creating the software can be identified as a project. After completing the project, it becomes company assets and need to maintain. The ongoing maintenance of the website and updating articles are continuing operations. 

It’s a fantastic idea to incorporate several members of the operational team in to the project team. They could assist the project team in identifying requirements and developing. They also can help to ensure that the project will meet operational team’s requirements.

Often, company staff are more resistant to new methods or solutions, but getting them involved early in the project as opposed to just rejecting the end product. 

project vs. operation

Operations management involves handling the business operations and support the services of the production. 

Operations team may include line supervisors in production, retail sales managers, and customer support call center managers. 

The skills necessary to handle a project include overall management skills, interpersonal abilities, planning and organization skills.

Let us examine the mission of installing online system.

identify a project

Is it a project: Why is it special

Yes, simply because the online system do not exist today in these grocery stores. This can be a brand new way of supplying the organization’s services to its customers. But the service the business is supplying is not new.

Is the project have a time frame?  Yes, the beginning date of the endeavor is today, and the ending is the end of this quarter.  It’s a temporary job. 

Is there a way to confirm if the job is finished?  Yes, when the system is installed, services will be provided through it. After all of the system are function mutually, the job will come to end.

Is there a method to ascertain stakeholder satisfaction?  Yes, during the planning process, the expectations of the stakeholders will be recorded. The project deliverables will be compared at the end of the project

Is it driving change?  Yes, this really can be a new Method of doing business and providing support to the customers.

Will industry value production be realized?  Yes, that job will improve market share, grow Earnings, generate more brand awareness and push up shareholders equity.