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mobile oil change business

Tips to Start a Mobile Oil Change Business

Oil changes are required periodically. As a result of the busy lifestyle of users, they are unable to change the vehicle oil at the correct time period. Sometimes vehicles may get troubled due to delay of oil changing.

Cost Involve

There is startup cost in all businesses. You have to buy the necessary items. Since you are planning to do a mobile oil change business, you want a vehicle. You have to hire skilled workers and machinery for pump oil. There are competitors. You have to allocate some money for marketing.

Target market

It is important to identify the market before you start the business. Here the market would be the vehicle owners. If you have a clear understanding of the customers, you would be able to define more suitable packages. I suggest you collect details of the customers under the below topics

Owner details

Owner details are important to identify the suitable package. The required details are age, family members. Age is important because the desire to go repair centers and change oil may depend on age. If the person is too old, you cannot expect them to go garage and repair their vehicles. You have more opportunities here.

Most of the people like to change oil and have services from a reputed or registered place. You have to keep this in mind.

Vehicle category

There are common vehicle types and brands. This may depend on the age group and the geographic location. You have to collect details on vehicle categories and users’ age group. In the previous studies, you have got an idea about the most profitable age group.

As the first step, you can focus on one vehicle category. The oil brand used by the vehicles may differ from the vehicle category. If you focus on one vehicle category, you can purchase a bulk stock of oil at once.

Trip pattern

The trip pattern is important in vehicle maintenance. The limiting factor for vehicle services is milage or duration. If someone long trips often, he needs to service and change oil frequently. If you have trip patterns of the users, you can predict the oil changing date and contact the owners.

You also can start a changing oil, while the car is in the office parking station. They can park his/ her vehicle at the office and you can change the oil there. I think this can be a good solution for a busy lifestyle.

The destinations of the trip are also important. If the vehicle breakdown there, you can offer mobile repair services too.

Geographic location

Geographic locations of the car owner are important to define your service area. If your area, do not have enough car owner, then it is useless to start a new mobile oil change business here. Most people like to have services from a person around them. This is common to the mobile business too until you become a country brand.


The type of service is also depending on the career of the owner. If the owner is an executive or any other higher rank person, they do not have time for services their vehicles. Try to have it without wasting time. But they want service done at a reputed place.

People with middle and lower-level careers search for low price stations. They also busy with their works, but they do not like to pay more money to complete the work quickly.

Opportunities and threats

You must plan your business to get the advantage of the opportunities and reduce the impact of the threats. I have listed possible opportunities and threats for your knowledge.

New vehicles come with the company warranty and free services. You have low business opportunities for service new vehicles. Laws and other regulations to limit the usage of old vehicles may affect your business too.


    • Ban vehicle imports
    • Low investments in vehicle production
    • The trend for ride old and modified vehicles
    • Government decision to grant approvals only for well maintain vehicles


    • Economic downstream
    • Encouraging the society to use public transport
    • Health pandemic
    • Curfew periods
    • Law to reject old vehicles


Now you have an idea of the customers, their demographic locations, and behavior. It is not suitable to have a common marketing campaign for all.

    • Social media marketing
    • Email marketing
    • Newspaper advertisement
    • Direct marketing

As a first step select a suitable name and a logo. Then create a website and social media pages. You can share your post through social media.

At the beginning of the project select the price bit below the average. You can increase it when your company becomes popular.

Try to help the breakdown vehicles and close the customers.