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Idea for insurance articles

Trending idea for insurance articles 2021

Insurance is a vast subject. There is a number of areas, in which you can write an article on Insurance. In insurance, what we do is, transfer the risk of some event to a third party. To do this you have to pay some money. The amount is varied with the risk.

Types of Insurance

Many companies offer different types of insurance coverage. This insurance covers the risk of different events. The events can be personal or company based. Medical Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, and travel insurance. The writer can more research on the available insurance and write an article on types of insurance. The articles may include, available companies, prices, benefits, and packages. You can also write articles on the history of the company. Who invented the company and its business strategies.

Suggestion for a new type of Insurance

The world is changing with time. New business comes to the market. Risks are always associated with this business. The writer can analyse the future growth of the industries and suggest void places for new packages. I think there will be developments in online product selling, online transactions, and online services. There is a void for insurance coverage for internet connections and online services.

Customer experience

All the customers do not receive the benefits for their expected levels. Lack of knowledge of the customer or irresponsible behavior of the company may cause these problems. People will be able to understand the good practices from these articles. Publishing customer experience also market the insurance company. The blogger also can earn money by working as the marketing executive for the company.

Case Study

I discussed customer experience in the previous paragraph. In the case study, the author can work as a third party agent. He can research causes, investigation procedure, submission requirements by the people, duration for the investigation, and approve the claims. You can write about other sections with a little effort. But the writer has to refer a number of articles to write a case study.

Insurance Marketing

The company uses different strategies for marketing products and services. Insurance companies do this too. Examples are television advertisements, YouTube videos, blog posts, Facebook campaigns, and direct marketing. Some of these strategies expire with time. One can write a blog post regarding insurance marketing strategies. But the blogger must have a complete understanding of the marketing strategies.

Cost to benefit ratio comparison

To have insurance coverage, you must pay a fee. You can consider two scenarios when calculating the benefits. One is the benefits you get when you face some damages. The other one is the benefits you get at the end of the expiry of the insurance period. Through the article, the writer can teach people how to calculate the cost and benefits. To write that article, the other must-have understanding of some financial concepts like present value. But they are not complex like rocket science.

How insurance company make money

One can have a question on how insurance companies make money. Actually, it is based on probability. If all the people get insurance coverage, most of them do not get a chance to claim the accidents. Most probably 10% – 20% of the subscribers have to claim their damages. The insurance company can invest the rest of the money. If the number of subscribers is increased, it is good for the insurance company. Insurance companies follow strategies to increase customers and reduce claims. Most people have a curiosity about the financial status of the

Insurance policy analysis

People transfer their risks through insurance coverage. But, if something happens most people face difficulties in claiming their damages through insurance coverage. This happens because of a lack of knowledge of people. They do not have an understanding of the policies and basic covering areas. I think writing an article on insurance policies is important because it reduces the waste of money. But, to write an article on insurance policies, you must have a throw understanding of available policies and how the coverage varies with the words.

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