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how to find your niche on instagram

How to find your niche on Instagram for 2021

Instagram is a popular social media network. People use to share their photos and videos through this. The followers may reach your photo and they can react to it. Instagram can be used to market your products or services. It also provides the facility to chat with others. In this century, digital platforms enforce your lifestyles in many ways. You can use these platforms to market your products or publish your ideas. But you have to do some niche research to find a suitable one. This article will contain details on how to find your niche on Instagram.

Most people have mobile phones in today’s environment. They spend their free time surfing social media through them. If you get the strategic advantage of social media, you can market your and products more than ever.

Brainstorm the ideas

People follow channels for special reasons. The channels must add value to their subscribers. It can be entertainment, promoting products, or education. To create the above content, you need to have understood it.

Before creating content, you have to identify a suitable niche. The niche may depend on your strengths, weaknesses. First, take a piece of paper and write down all your ideas, your strengths, and weakness.

For example, if you think of a niche like exercises, previous experiences on exercise schedules are an advantage. Knowing exercise machines is also an advantage. But if you do not have any experience or knowledge, it is a disadvantage.

Now you have a list of niches, which you like. You also have your strengths and weakness related to each niche.

Arrange ideas into categories

In the second step, you can arrange the above list into categories. As the previous example, fitness centers, exercise machines, and exercise schedules come under the “fitness” niche. The strengths and weaknesses also categorize in this step.

If you have more strengths under one niche, there is a high chance of success in that niche. But before creating a niche, you have to further develop your strengths and implement strategies to reduce the impact of weakness.

For example, think that your niche would be fitness. But you don’t have any idea about fitness machines. What you can do is read a book or watch videos and improve your knowledge.

Now you have an idea of the possible ideas of each niche group, strengths, and weakness. Having strengths under one niche is not enough to succeed in that niche. It must have high demand.

Validate the demand for the niche

Now you have selected the category in which you have more strengths and low weakness. But to be a success, the niche must have demand. In this step, you have to calculate the present demand for the niche. You can use keyword research tools for that. Keyword.io is an example of it.

If the niche has a high search volume, it means that the niche has a high demand. Since you are a newcomer, you have to find the competitors’ details. If the number of competitors is high, you have to go for a long run to build your customers. But if the competition is low and has a high search volume, you can find your subscribers in a short period of time. First, start with the niche category name.

Narrow down the niches

The actual condition is, niche category has high search volume and high competition. This has happened because most people have started their channels before. But I suggest you narrow down the niche to the second and third levels.

For example, think that your niche category name is “Exercise”. This is level one, Level two is “Exercise for moms”. Level three is “Exercises for working moms”. Deeper levels have low competition.

Tips to success

Limited to one niche category. Focusing on one niche may brand your channel in that specific area. But if you put different niches, your channel becomes a mixture.

Post high-quality content. As discussed previously, people visit your site for a reason. You have to add values to their visit

Engage with Instagram users. You cannot win the race lonely. You can work together with others. You can comment and like on your follower’s photos and videos. This help to attract more followers

Avoid a robotic reply. People like natural replays than a robotic reply. Manual reply brings both parties more together.

Use branding hashtags. Some people use hashtags for their searches. Using hashtags improve the chance of appearing in searches.