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How to succeed in High Ticket closing

What Is High Ticket Closing?

People buy different products during their life time. Most people start their purchases with low price products and climb the price ladder. Once a person is working with for a long period of time, the customer becomes a royalty asset for the company. But, when a customer buys low price products, they do not need any pieces of advice from consultants. The company uses social media and other common advertisement strategies to market its products.

But, the case is different when people try to buy products with high values. People do not select high-value products based on social media details and details on websites. They like to decide after talking with an expert. This process is called “High Ticket Closing”

Consider these two cases,

Case 1 – You go to a textile shopping mall. One salesman can hang around you every time and try to sell products.

Case 2 – You go to a textile shop. The staff warmly welcome you. But they do not come with you. They give you a chance to select the product. But when you do not have the correct sizes, you go for them. When you ask for the correct sizes, then close more to you.

Case 1 is traditional sales and case 2 is the high ticket closing.

Advantages of being a High Ticket Closer

  • No Overheads

High ticket closer does not maintain an office or warehouse. He does not have any overhead because of this.  

  • No Products

High ticket closer sell others product. As discussed before, he brings the other product close to you at the correct time.  

  • Low Technical Instruments

High ticket closer can work with a laptop and mobile phones. They do not want any sophisticated equipment. High ticket closers do not require to construct an e-commerce website to sell their products.

  • Happier Clients

High Ticket closer can close to a customer with identifying the customer’s need and selling the best product to satisfy the need. The deal ends with a win-win solution. Both client and the closer get the benefits.

What Makes High Ticket Closing a High-Income Skill

You can work as an independent high ticket closer and involving in high ticket closing while working as a showroom manager. You have to develop different skills to succeed as a high ticket closer.

high ticket closing - require skills
  • Ensure high levels of customer satisfaction through excellent sales service

Customer satisfaction is the main thing. If the customer satisfies with your work, you do not need marketing campaigns. I think the customer will satisfy if the product fulfills their requirements. You can know the level of satisfaction based on their reviews and comments.

  • Assess customers needs and provide assistance and information on product features

High ticket closer has to identify the customer requirement first. If he does not identify the customer, he may end up with the wrong product. If you think to become a high ticket closer, you have to develop communication skills. Questions, which you should ask to identify the customer’s requirements correctly.

  • Have excellent time management skills

As a high ticket closer, sometimes you may able to handle two or three businesses per day. How to manage all of them. You cannot work with one customer the whole day. I think time waste due to a lack of information. As a high ticket closer you must be able to have a good conversation with the client and identify their requirements correctly, within a short period of time.

  • Communicate effectively and efficiently over the phone

Every time you cannot meet clients to talk. Sometimes you have to talk to them through phones. You must capable of building trust towards you and the product through the phone. I think this is a bit difficult than talking face to face. But once you practice properly, you can handle the situation.

  • Build productive trust relationships with customers

Building trust is the most important thing. If they think that, you are a cunning person, you may lose future opportunities too. But how to build trust. I think communication, knowledge sharing, and experience sharing is the main thing. Try to satisfy the customers’ needs honestly.

  • Suggestions to improve sales

Your income depends on sales. If you have more sales, you will get more commissions. I suggest you go for seasonal products as your secondary products. But be careful, if you fail to handle seasonal customers, it will damage your brand name too.

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